Drum Circles and Marching Women

After I started a new chapter in my life I made a list. This list consisted of 30 things that I wanted to do before I turned 30. Some things are things I want to do. Some things are things I want to accomplish. And some fall under the area of personal and spiritual growth. This past weekend I not only crossed some things off my list, I became a part of a movement that moved me so drastically and I didn’t even know I needed it. Friday night I went to a drum circle. It was just something I added as an after thought to my list. I went with my djembe and an open mind. The experience was so personal. The setting, the movement, the unity; it was beautiful. Watching parents dance with their children around a dimly lit room with only a circle of lights in the middle was so beautiful. I found myself trying to use all my senses. I would close my eyes and hear each individual beat and smell the sage that the room had been smudged with earlier. I would look around to see each person from all walks of life and all ages just feeling alive! This is just want and needed to be able to handle the events of the next day.

I hopped in a car with my new found feminist friend at the WV border and we headed to DC for the Women’s March. From the time we hit the MD line, there were pussy hats all over the interstate. There were buses and cars full of men, women and children all heading in the same direction. It was so beautiful and powerful to be among so many people all there for different subcategories of reasons, but all united under a blanket of a need for equality. Everyone was so kind to police and armed forces that were there. Even the folks that came to protest against the protest were treated with respect. Because phone lines were jammed, I didn’t know just how many millions of people around the world had joined in the movement. This movement that was started as a Facebook event by a handful of women became a world act of solidarity and I am so proud that I was able to be a part of it.


This is only the beginning my friends. Our voices are lifted and we will not be silenced. Equality for all!




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