Inspiration or Insanity

A new year rolls around every 365 days. When you think about it in the aspect of minutes, hours, or even seconds, it seems like there is so much time, but when you group it together by experiences, it feels like grasping for clock hands. Some of my experiences have seemingly stopped time, while others I wish could have moved faster. I’ve spent the last six to eight months looking over my life and categorizing it into increments of time. Times when I have been fearless and unstoppable and times when I have been conquered by my own self-doubt. There are categories of simply surviving and there are categories of thriving.

There is no rhyme of reason for this right now, I just know that time is constant and time is change. I’m not in a rut and I’m not sinking. But I ask myself again “Is this my life?” I feel if I have to ask myself that question, then the answer is no. Am I content? Yeah. Do I want to settle for contentment in my life? No. I get one chance at this and then I’m done, so why spend 30 years living a paycheck to paycheck life it that doesn’t suit me?I have a 3o before 30 list. It’s 30 things I want to do before I turn 30. Why make a list? because I want to feel like I’ve accomplished some tangible things. While I love personal and spiritual growth, I crave more. I want to do it all and see it all. I am so eager to see how far I can go. This is a beautiful, crazy, wonderful, messy, and oh so satisfying journey.


Want something?

Make it happen.





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